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Tue Sep 25 11:11:27 CEST 2007

> Steve Herrick wrote:
>> > Rather than do this, I would vote for making spellchecking and other
>> > features plug-ins that can be turned off or on at will, so folks who
>> > never use them don't have to chew up memory with them.
> Sounds good to me.
One group that would welcome the option to spell check within Scribus is 
the professional cripples.

Yes .. best practice means importing text only to holders!
Yes .. best practice is to have all text prepared in other editors

...but in the real world... I have to edit text on the fly in Scribus 
and it's a pain ( Very Literally ) having to exit to OpenOffice to 
verify spelling etc.. and then cut and past back into Scribus.
Even if the spell check option was only implemented in the text editor 
that would be summit! Due to the demands on my system the system hit is 
high and it slows work.

I have a spell check in my email client - web authoring client - in my 
notepad ( Notepad++) and even in Mozilla as a web client... Spell 
checking to various levels and qualities is part of most of my work 
suite and it's invaluable. Fingers are great for typing... but when they 
don't work well a spell checker is a necessary evil. But then again 
Scribus is great, does what it says on the tin and allows me to get on 
with work.

On the subject of spell checking, some years ago I allowed one to get 
out of control. I was sending a letter to a Ms Yvonne Vaughn Jones - did 
not look carefully at the spell checking and accepted its suggestions -- 
printed a letter and faxed it  to her. She then phoned to query if the 
letter addressed to Ms "Yack Vagina Jokes" was for her!


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