[Scribus] Congratulations and initial comments...

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Sun Sep 23 23:20:01 CEST 2007

Craig Bradney a ?crit :
> On Sunday 23 September 2007 22:47:25 Louis Desjardins wrote:
>> Gregory Pittman a ?crit :
>>> John Beardmore wrote:
>>>> The first is the ability to embed images within .sla files.  At the
>>>> moment, if I move a document, it seems to loose all the links to
>>>> pictures as though relative paths were used to locate them.  While I
>>>> accept the principle that a lot of disk space can be saved by referring
>>>> to pictures elsewhere in the file system, this can be a nuisance when
>>>> projects are being developed on multiple machines over multiple sites.
>>>> For me at least, using the .sla files as a container that includes all a
>>>> documents images would be a huge benefit.
>>> The "answer" to this is to use File > Collect for Output, which will
>>> keep everything together. Moving things around is generally not so good
>>> an idea anyway, but Collect for Output allows for some collaborative
>>> work. I think it would help if Scribus used absolute paths for finding
>>> images, but it uses relative ones.
>> We have discussed on IRC to have this "Collect for Output" function be
>> activated right from the start ? on the very first "Save" you do on your
>> document ? so each time you use a font or an image, it gets
>> automatically copied into the relevant subfolder into the "Collect..."
>> one. This of course could be made as an option (but activated as the
>> default settings).
>> It doesn't seem to be filed as a RFE so far. Before I do so, any comment
>> on that idea?
> I dont like it - if I want to have my source images (could be hundreds of mb 
> per document, and used across many documents) spread across my network, then 
> thats what I want. 

As I said, it's an option. Depending on one's workflow, it can be 
suitable or not. What I know for sure is in the end, once you have 
picked pics from all around, having them in one single location rarely 
hurts. My rationale is if it's good at the end of the process, why 
wouldn't it be good at the beginning and automatically (as option, 
always)? In my view the images are copied only once to a single 
location. This location could also be your server, diminishing the 
trafic on your network. No?

> If we bring about a new option of zip-compressed collection format, like ODF 
> is, then this might suit.

Let's keep that in mind then.

> Craig

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