[Scribus] Not sure if I NEED Scribus. . .

Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni lists
Tue Sep 11 10:46:06 CEST 2007

dax702 schrieb:
> Aaahhh more software? What are LyX and TeX ? Is this more DTP stuff that I'm
> not aware of? Do I need to be aware of it?


first. Don't panic :D

TeX is a typesetting system, a "programming language" for typesetting.
But I guess the recommendation was for LaTeX, which is much easier, but 
more inflexible. It's built up TeX and is for "normal" people.... :D You 
just write your text and structure it and push a button and got a well 
designed, clean document...


LyX is even more simple then LaTeX and again a bit more inflexible then 
LaTeX. It's easy to learn and has a good built-in Howto. LaTex is a 
little bit like HTML, but LyX is more like Word. I think it's combine 
the advantages of easy to use wordprocessors like Word with the 
advantages of structured documents created with LaTeX.


I wrote my first homework for the university with LyX and switched later 
to LaTeX. Here an example of a document I created with LaTeX. You got 
nearly similar results with LyX.




P.S.: Sorry for the maybe imprecise explanations, but I want to keep 
them easy.

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