[Scribus] Problems loading text into Scribus

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Tue Sep 11 03:54:28 CEST 2007

2007/9/10, David Bodwell <mazbook at yahoo.com>:
> Christoph,
> No, both the Word HTML file and the OO.org HTML file correctly have the
> footnotes at the end.  It's when they are loaded into a Scribus text box
> file that the OO.org HTML file gets garbled.  Only the Word HTML file is
> imported correctly.

Hi David,

Can you provide us with an example of "garbled" OO.o HTML files imported
into Scribus and another one with the Word HTML? A screenshot of 2 Scribus
text frames side by side showing the differences will be fine.



Good suggestion about the LaTeX and LyX programs.  Maybe a typesetting
> program is what I need rather than a layout program like Scribus.

Thanks for the advice,
> David Bodwell
> Editorial Mazatl?n
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> Am Montag, 10. September 2007 00:18 schrieb David Bodwell:
> > Thanks, Adreas and BOTH Craigs.  I haven't tried the v1.3.3.10svn yet,
> but
> > Andreas' work around using HTML works quite well?IF you create the HTML
> > document from a Microsoft Word .doc file, using Word, rather than from
> an
> > OpenOffice.org .odt file using OpenOffice.orgWriter.  Both HTML file
> look
> > good, but only the Word created one imports properly into Scribus.
> >
> > Now, if there was some way to keep those footnotes on the correct page.
> > The final published version of the work is for popular reading and the
> > general public does NOT flip to the back to read footnotes as the
> scholarly
> > community does.
> Hi David,
> it seems there's a misconception here. Actually, the way OO.o does it, is
> correct. In HTML, there's no such thing like a page break as you know it
> from
> word processors. Therefore, converting footnotes to endnotes is the ONLY
> way
> to handle them correctly. From a HTML "point of view", OO.o does it right,
> while Word screws up the HTML badly (as expected).
> As others have noted, Scribus doesn't support footnotes yet (QuarkXPress
> doesn't either, unless you buy an extension). For the time being, use a
> word
> processor or a typesetting software like LaTeX or LyX.
> Christoph
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