[Scribus] A picture of the problem !

avox avox
Wed Sep 5 18:21:15 CEST 2007

dax702 wrote:
> There was something interesting about your post.  You said you were able
> to take that original Exercise 7.eps file I attached in the beginning of
> this thread and it looks fine in Scribus? The consenus among everyone here
> was that the EPS that Sibelius creates uses Type3 fonts and that's why it
> was missing so much information when imported as an EPS.  When you say
> "choose high resolution preview" are you talking about the right click
> context menu option for preview resolution?  
You have to understand that there are two different ways to get an EPS into

1. Native import. This converts the EPS to native Scribus objects and fails
with Type3 fonts.
   If the import succeeds, you can ungroup the imported objects and edit its

2. Image frames. Those take not only Tiff, Jpg etc, but also PS, EPS and PDF
(hopefully soon also SVG)
   When PS is used in imageframes, Scribus will use Ghostscript to create a
bitmap to display on screen.
   When you export to PDF, Scribus will start Ghostscript again to render
the EPS at a higher resolution as specified in the PDF export dialog. When
generating PostScript for printing, Scribus will just include the original

Unless you need to edit the EPS in Scribus, the second approach is better.
It's more robust and needs less memory.

> Can you post a screen shot of what you're looking at at 100% please?


Ok, there's a trick. Go to Preferences->External Tools and set the DPI for
ghostscript to 72pt.

Then place the EPS at 100% (= 72dpi) into an imageframe. Using higher
resolutions makes thin vertical and horizontal lines vanish, which looks
pretty bad with scales.

When exporting to PDF, choose 300 dpi or more in the export dialog (unless
it's only for screen view, then better take 72dpi or 100dpi).

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