[Scribus] Image frame doesn't make any sense to me

Riku Leino tsoots
Wed Sep 5 09:43:20 CEST 2007

> But it appears so far
> to me that any non-vector image (of sheet music at least) is NOT legible on
> the screen at 100% (see my post in the other topic for screen shot) and
> thus cannot be worked with when assembling a book and I need to see these
> exercises quickly and as they are going to appear, generally, in context
> with the rest of the book.

Did you try the full resolution preview setting for this.

> Perhaps I'm just used to web and video where things need to be exact, web
> more so than video.  If I save an image in Photoshop that's 3"x5" then when
> I put it on the page in Scribus, you can be sure that I want it at 3"x5"
> and I shouldn't have to guestimate this by drawing a frame first IF I don't
> want to.  It just makes a lot more sense.  Image frames have their place,
> and what I'm suggesting has its place too, especially for these types of
> music images. I set my margins in Sibelius so that the image would fall
> exactly into the margins in Scribus and it doesn't, and that's annoying. 
> So again, if I don't want to draw an image frame in order to place an
> image, then I shouldn't have to.  That's why I was soooooo intent on
> getting the EPS import to work because there was no image frame drawing
> step involved.  I clicked import, boom, it's on the page.  All I have to do
> is move it to where I want and I'm done.  And thank god I got that to work
> otherwise I would have abandon Scribus entirely, image frame was too
> frustrating and no matter what you put into that frame, it's not legible on
> the screen..

I'd think your images are all of same size. You could have just set a single 
page with an image frame positioned and resized correctly and then copied 
that page and have even less manual work to do than with eps import. 

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