[Scribus] Import an EPS from Sibelius, having major problems!

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Sep 5 02:21:28 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 5. September 2007 01:48 schrieb dax702:
> That's usually what I do to determine if something is high enough
> resolution is just zoom in on it several times, just like you said.

Perhaps the previous answers weren't clear enough. Scribus creates a 
_low_resolution version (using ghostscript) for EPS in image frames. You have 
full control over the export resolution in the PDF dialog. After exporting to 
PDF, you can control the quality in a PDF viewer, not in Scribus itself by 
zooming in.

> Here's what I either don't like or don't understand about Scribus.  When I
> use the import feature to import an EPS (whether it imports correctly or
> not) it creates its own frame and the frame is the correct size, no
> resizing necessary.  When I insert an image frame, I have to drag and
> resize this frame to what I think is close to the size of the image I'm
> going to be putting in that frame, but it's not exact. And then it just
> does weird things from there.  The problem with having such low low low
> preview resolution on the screen is that it's so bad I can't even tell what
> image I'm looking at and that pretty much defeats being able to use a
> layout program, no?

When you import an EPS, you import _vector_ data. These don't create their own 
frame, but become native Scribus vectors. If you import an EPS into an image 
frame, the file is treated like a bitmap image. Please read the docs if 
you're not aware of the differences. All of this is thoroughly documented, 
and it is very basic knowledge for page layout. You always have the option to 
adjust the size of the image frame to the image size via the context menu 
(right click). You'll find exhaustive explanantions on the Scribus Wiki.

Moreover, you have been told that Sibelius uses Type 3 fonts, which aren't 
supported yet. Full stop.

> I don't feel like I'm making any progress and that's what is annoying.  If
> you were me, and were using Sibelius to export these graphics, what would
> you do?  Here's what I have at my disposal:
> Sibelius (latest version) - can export to EPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG (see below
> for export dialog)

Try PNG at a resolution of 600 dpi.

> http://www.nabble.com/file/p12489004/export_dialog_sibelius.jpg
> and I can of course print to PDF from Sibelius

That would be another option, but PDFs are currently rasterised the same way 
EPS files are in image frames.

> Photoshop CS2
> With these as my tools, what would you do in order to get these musical
> references into Scribus where they're at least somewhat legible on the
> screen?

See above.



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