[Scribus] 3D text effects

John Brown johnbrown105
Tue Sep 4 00:31:50 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
>Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> > John Brown schrieb:
> >
> >> Hello All,
> >>
> >> Is there a way in Scribus to give text a 3D appearance? If not, can
> >> someone suggest other free (as in free beer) software that can do it,
> >> and preferably save the result in a scalable form that can be imported
> >> into Scribus?
> >>

>The ultimate (perhaps) for this kind of thing is going to be something
>like Blender, which has a bit of a learning curve to be sure...

You weren't joking. "Ultimate" is way too much for me. All I want to do is
highlight some some text, select "3D-ify" from a menu, and choose some 
and colours.

It's not WYSIWYG, and the render looks totally different from the design as 
as rotation about any particular axis is concerned. I may eventually get the 
horizontal, but have no idea how to change the colour.

I think it is going to be much easier to re-install Kubuntu.

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