[Scribus] Arrow heads and line styles

François Pallut francois.pallut
Sat Sep 1 15:03:24 CEST 2007

Is it in the wiki ?
If not, perhaps you should...
Stewart Noy a ?crit :
> A while ago I posted a request for different size arrow heads. 
> I thought that once a small, medium or large head had been assigned to a
> line, any increase in size to the line would increase on the head, thereby
> limiting your options quite a bit for arrow head sizes.
> I since discovered (much to my joy) that it is possible. 
> Simply assign a head to a line, adjust the line width so that the arrow head
> is the right size. Then to get the actual line width correct, create a Line
> Style with desired settings and assign that to the line - the arrow head
> won't be affected at all by the Line Style (it might change on screen but if
> you export to PDF the arrow head will remain the right colour. This does
> mean that you have to ensure that the colours, etc are also correct for the
> arrow head on the properties pallette before applying the Line Style. 
> The options to make adjustments to the original line (arrow head) are greyed
> out once you apply a Line Style so to readjust settings simply select No
> Style, make adjustments, and reapply the Line Style.
> Sorry if this is useless info to everyone but it foxed me at first and I
> only discovered this by chance. Might be of help to someone starting out.
> Seeing as the Scribus (Win32) downloads are over 100 000.
> Stewart

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