[Scribus] tackling tables

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Oct 29 14:17:37 CET 2007

1. Something which just occurred to me as we wait for the new tables of 
the future, would be trying to use a script to aid in working with the 
cells of a table.

It would be of some help in this if the default naming of table cells 
could be different from other text frames, perhaps something like 
tableX_Y, where X refers to the table number -- first table would be 1 
-- and the Y refers to the cell within that table. So in a 4 x 5 table, 
table1_20 would refer to the last cell in that table. One could of 
course add more complexity with tableX_Y_Z, where Y and Z refer to row 
and column number.
A workaround might be to write a small script to rename frames...

The idea of the script would be to first of all locate the table, then 
cell by cell being able to enter contents, alter contents, or skip to 
the next cell. This could also lead to someone customizing the script to 
automatically enter data from a file or database.

Within Scribus proper one can collectively edit font and its features by 
grouping cells. One thing which cannot be done is to collectively edit 
the borders of a cell -- this must be done cell by cell, not very 

2. Something else which occurs to me as I write this: why not have the 
box at the top of the Properties window also be a selector, in other 
words, why not be able to scroll through the frames in a Document, 
selecting the frame from the Properties window? Maybe even advance the 
display to the appropriate page if necessary? This could also be an aid 
with Tables, since clicking on the cells is a rather clumsy operation in 
my experience.


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