[Scribus] getting started with colour management

Jan Schrewe jschrewe
Sat Oct 27 23:21:01 CEST 2007


jrm schrieb am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2007:
> It seems to be standard advice, when setting up colour management,
> to set the monitor to high contrast.  When I do this, much of
> the text on my monitor is fuzzier and harder to read.  Is this
> normal?  (This is with the X Window System on an older LCD
> model, an NEC MultiSync LCD 1850E.)
> Another thing I've never understood is why, with colour management
> turned off, graphics have been looking quite different in
> Gimp 2.2 as compared with Scribus 1.3.  For example, I have some
> TIFF files with a red that shows very bright in Gimp but
> considerably darker in Scribus.  I'm *guessing* that Gimp and
> Scribus have been implicitly defaulting to quite different
> colour profiles, but I don't even know whether that's a sensible
> way of phrasing it.

Gimp 2.2 does not have colour management. Gimp 2.4 does have a basic colour 
management that produces useable results together with scribus (i.e. colours 
from scribus used in the background of a picture are the same if you export 
the file as pdf X3 - I haven't tested anything else)

> I've got the vague idea that most software assumes the monitor
> profile would be some flavour of sRGB, with *which* flavour
> being application dependent.  If I knew what Scribus assumes,
> then I'd know how to choose a "no-op" monitor profile matching
> the default assumption.  The colour management stuff has got me
> pretty confused, so maybe I missed something in the Scribus documentation?

Most software on linux does not have any colourmanagement. AFAIK it's only 
scribus krita and gimp 2.4

You can see shich profiles scribus uses under File -> Document Properties -> 
Colour management.

Note that the current implementation of X does not support any monitor 
profiles at all. (is that still true?)

> Best regards,
> John (MacPhail)



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