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avox avox
Tue Oct 23 20:11:55 CEST 2007

Ok, now I was able to download it. :-)

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> There were many arbitrary decisions -- paper size, for one. I started 
> out with US Letter, then switched to A4 because I needed a little more 
> space. The fonts are Linux Libertine, so ended up being outlined in the 
> PDF. I thought about making two columns, wasn't sure I liked the idea, 
> so went with one. The PDF is 1.4 -- my default setting.

I also support some layout which fits on A4 / Letter.
In your sample the lines are too long -- they should have 10-12 words max.

In order to make it aesthetically pleasing and more readable I propose to
only the inner 60% (or 61.8%) of the page for one text column and have a 
wide margin space at the outer edge. This margin space can be used for 
keywords, subtitles, etc.  Screenshots would also extend into the margin

If your titles have a larger fontsize than the body text, do not check
to baseline" but set appropiate space before / space after values instead.
(Eg. bodytext lineheight 12pt, title fontsize 14pt, title lineheight 14pt,
calculate spaces such that a one-line title occupies the same space as 3
lines of
bodytext: 3*12 = 36 = 14 + 14 + 8, so space before = 14pt, space after =
Or, if you want to adjust your titles to baseline, set both space before and
after to 12 pt. That way there will be 2 empty line before and 1 empty line
these titles (and a 24pt linespacing if you have more than one line for the

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