[Scribus] Manual - first baby step

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Oct 23 15:21:37 CEST 2007

william f. maddock wrote:
> Excellently written, nice layout (it only just fits the printable area 
> of the US Letter on my color laser :-) ), however, if we are going to 
> have page numbers and allow for the three-hole-punch method of binding 
> (scratch that; I just tested it and it does fine as is), wider margins 
> might be desirable. Although I like the way you've done the paragraphs 
> (it breaks the text up nicely) eliminating the blank lines between 
> paragraphs and indenting the non-initial paragraphs of any section 
> could provide the space needed for wider top and bottom margins (thus 
> allowing both US Letter and A4 users to print without the need for 
> reducing the image).
Appreciate the feedback. Some questions that run through my own mind are 
the following:

Do we need a "best" format? If we supply both a PDF and the .sla file, 
users can modify to whatever extent they feel suits them.

Is fit the most important thing? To my mind, readability (a bit 
different from legibility) is a key issue, and that is the main reason I 
put in the paragraph breaks -- of course, we're working with a 
full-featured DTP program ;-), so we can certainly narrow these 
paragraph breaks without eliminating them. This is 11.5pt in the body, 
and 11pt, perhaps lower would still be legible and likely allow for a 
binding margin. This page is about as crowded, maybe more crowded than I 
anticipate others will be. I set a goal of making this intro no more 
than a single page, since it is after all, /just/ an intro, nothing 
more. It will be good to find out if those from the A4 world have 
problems when they fit US Letter to their formats...

Thanks again, keep the comments coming.


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