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2007/10/20, william f. maddock <billsey at earthlink.net>:
> On Oct 20, 2007, at 10:47 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
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> >>> jeff Weir wrote:
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> >>>> Does anyone know of a PDF format manual for scribus that I could
> >>>> print
> >>>> out and carry with me?
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>> This is perhaps a paradox with Scribus, in that a project designed to
> >>> make PDFs does not have a manual in its own or in PDF format.
> >>
> >>
> >> Unfortunately, that is really not a satisfactory answer.
> >
> > This comes across as a rude and selfish reply.
> Actually not. What it is is pointed, and it is not selfish because I
> posted on behalf of someone other than myself. It is an attempt to get
> others to see the point of view of those who prefer printed manuals
> instead of treating their requests as though they don't really matter,
> which is how your reply to Jim came off to me, and how almost all of
> the previous replies by others on this matter have also come off. You
> accuse me of being rude when almost all of the replies regarding
> requests sent to this list for a printable manual have been approaching
> rude and have definitely been condescending. Two people have replied
> with links to printable resources. Everyone else has only spouted
> excuses as to why there aren't any. Those replies are not helpful. If a
> project as large and complicated as OpenOffice.org can have a printable
> manual (which it does:
> http://billsey-christian.net/tmp/ShotsOfOOoManual.JPG ; apparently done
> largely by one person), certainly scribus can also.


One thing for sure is there can't be much comparisons to make between such a
huge project as OO.o and a rather small project (though particularly healthy
and active) such as Scribus. The difference in resources is nothing less
than huge.

Certainly, someone can come up with a manual about Scribus in a PDF format.
No questions on that. So far, the most active of us feel they can contribute
better by feeding the wiki, the bug tracker and get back as soon as they
possibly can on the mailing list to help others with most any kind of
issues, including the one you are raising now. I can't think of such a
choice as condescending. Rather, it is driven by the time each one has to
spare on the project, and based on each individual's interests. Even this
explanation should not, as well as the ones posted just before, be
considered as condescending: it simply is not! It's a reality! At least you
know why there is no PDF manual yet.

Is there is room for improvement? Sure. Room for a printable version of the
wiki? Why not. As Craig has suggested, this work is still to be done, if
someone really needs it. The info on the wiki is there for anyone to see. It
could be made into a PDF. It only takes time to do it. If you feel that you
could help doing it, feel free to give a hand.


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