[Scribus] registration marks in 1.3.4

Marc Sabatella marc
Sat Oct 20 04:08:52 CEST 2007

I've figured out a bit more about how these are working, but could still use 
clarification from someone familiar with the source.

It appears that whatever I specify as the page size, Scribus is putting the 
registration marks *outside* this area, and is then increasing the size of 
the PDF document to accomodate this.  It seems that with offset=0, the 
registration marks are"just barely" outside the defined page area, so that 
the centers are about 7mm further apart than the size of the defined page. 
Any additional offset gets added to this distance, and the page grows even 
larger to accomodate it.  This is all well and good, and probably makes 
sense for most situations, where you have a rectangular page and want the 
registration marks outside that area (and probably outside the bleed area as 

CD printing is a bit different, however - at least, it is for this printer. 
It appears I need to get the *centers* of the registration marks exactly 
165mm apart.  The CD itself is only 117mm wide, so there is actually a very 
large margin around the printed area.  It seems that defining a page size of 
about 158mm (165-7) smaller does the trick.  Or perhaps it should be exactly 
20pts smaller.  I'm just kind of eyeballing it - I can't figure out a way to 
calculate the center-to-center distance precisely.  It occurs to me that it 
should be possible to figure this out from the code.  But I'm afraid my 
programmng days are long behind me.  Can anyone tell me how far the center 
of the registration mark actually is from the edge of the page (assuming 

Marc Sabatella
marc at outsideshore.com

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