[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Martin Costabel costabel
Fri Oct 19 10:09:43 CEST 2007

Marc Sabatella wrote:
>> It seems as if Scribus developers get the blame for distros packaging
>> 1.3.4 as a stable version even though it isn't?

You can't blame the distros, either, given the way how 1.3.4 was 
announced originally:

> Hmm.  I don't think I am "blaming" anyone for anything, and I certainly 
> don't mean to imply that I think the developers are deliberately trying to 
> mislead folks.  I am simply trying to point out that, to someone not already 
> familiar with the inner workings of this project, it is easy to develop some 
> wrong idea about 1.3.4.  Not because the site contains any out and out lies, 
> but just because it isn't very clear.  It is true that it is "obvious" 
> something is a bit odd.  But frankly, the impression I got was not "hmm, I 
> guess 1.3.4 must be unstable", but rather, "hmm, I guess the developers are 
> too busy to really update the web site to make the new version easier to 
> obtain".  Obviously, the wrong conclusion, but again, there is nothing 
> specific on the web site to prevent that sort of misunderstanding.

Actually, I don't think you were misunderstanding anything. When 1.3.4 
was first announced, it was *not* announced as a development release 
that should be used with care, but as *the* new release. Only later, 
when it turned out that it was not as bug-free as the previous 
development releases had been, were the words "new developement" [sic] 
included into the announcement on the web site.

 From the discussion it has become clear that 1.3.4 is not an actual 
development release, but it still can serve for beta-testing some of the 
new features in the development branch 1.3.5svn which hasn't seen a 
release so far.


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