[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Oct 17 18:59:23 CEST 2007

mamem at gmx.net wrote:
> Wow, what a long exchange...
> The question remains for me:
> If I begin a big work with a lot of text, is it better to start right
> now in the 1.3.4., to be shure that it will work in the future 1.3.5.?
> Is there already some Windows-version avaiable of 1.3.5?
> And: What will happen with the branch: isn't this also dead
> end, once the 1.3.5. came out? Will 1.3.5. be stable somehow? How long
> there will be "two" scribus side by side?
1.3.5 will always load any earlier versions. What is a bit unique from 
1.3.3.x to 1.3.4+ is the Paragraph/Character styles, which is causing 
some additional work to be done.

Technically, I think the next stable version after the 1.3.3.x series 
may be called 1.3.6, but it will be based on what is happening with 
There may be a time during which it would be a good idea to hang onto a 
stable 1.3.3.x version, just for easily working with an old project, for 
reasons stated above. As has been indicated on the list several times, 
you can have more than one version of Scribus, even on Windows.


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