[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Wed Oct 17 18:53:05 CEST 2007

> Having said that though I do think the team should include a pop-up that
> warns you that it is a development version.

No need to do that, at least for me. I know what a development version
is. What bugs me is that someone who deliberately choses to use the
development version is scolded for just that.

If I'd provide a development version, I'd be glad for eveyone using it
and telling me about flaws and bugs. It couldn't be better any other
way; that is what development versions are published for, I guess.

I understand that you defend yourselves against ignorant people who
scold you for things they should expect, and in order to anticipate
any kind of blame they might put on you you confront people with their
fault to begin with no matter what the problem is or what they are
complaining about. This is what's bugging me. I would stand up to the
fact and tell people that it's all right that they use the development
version suggesting that they know what they do. Most probably they are
in no way less intelligent than me and know what it means to not
choose a stable version. If they found a bug, great! If not, it might
be just a problem of usability or any other kind of matter which could
happen in the stable version as well, so they could just profit from
good advice.

In other words, I don't think that it's wrong in any way to choose a
development version. Also, I would never suspect beforehand that any
problem is related to the version being a development version. This is
something which has to be found out.

Maybe its different with Scribus. I don't know about your history,
maybe there was much trouble with this kind of phenomenon in the past
which would explain the sensitivity I experienced. Also, I read that
there is somebody responsible for testing development versions, so
Scribus doesn't need the help of the community to find all the bugs
sitting somewhere, hiding from the keen eyes of the developers ;-)


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