[Scribus] registration marks in 1.3.4

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Oct 14 16:39:53 CEST 2007

Marc Sabatella wrote:
> I am using 1.3.4 in part because of the support for registration marks 
> and other pre-press features (well, also, just because it's 
> there...).  I am generally finding how to accomplish what I want 
> (design of CD packaging), but I haven't figured out how to actually 
> use the registration mark facility.  My printer wants registration 
> marks on the PDF file for the CD itself (not for the booklet or tray 
> card), and they want them 82.5mm from the center of the CD.  They 
> haven't made clear how big the page size of the actual document should 
> be, so I'm just making it a 300mm square for now.  It seems no matter 
> what I enter as the "offset" in the registration field of the PDF 
> export dialog, I get registration marks that hug the edges.  I'm sure 
> I'm misunderstanding something about these things are supposed to 
> work, but I couldn't find any documentation on this feature.  Is this 
> feature working, or should I just create registration marks manually 
> using polygons, line, etc?
Here's an example of this:
but it doesn't show or link to an explanation about how to do it (easily).


I guess I might add that the starting place would presumably be creating 
a bleed area in the New Document requester -- Bleeds tab.


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