[Scribus] [general]Fonts

Pierre Marchand capparis
Sun Oct 14 02:38:11 CEST 2007


As I said last day at #scribus, I try to write something  _I_ can use in order 
to manage my fonts. It is here : 

It requires Qt 4.x and freetype, here it builds  on opensuse 10.3 with qmake.
If you get it up & running, well it will create a '$HOME/.typotek' directory 
where it will copy font files you import and write a file with infos if you 
save. There are yet lot of useless stuff from KDevelop template and it can't 
activate/desactivate this night. I'll write activation code next week : it 
will be a normal tag wich command if we link/unlink the font file 
in '$HOME/.fonts' directory. To edit tags, double click on an item in 

I would be glad if someone  has time to give it a try and bring remarks, 
ideas, etc.
Pierre Marchand

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