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Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sat Oct 13 04:48:33 CEST 2007

On Fri, 12 Oct 2007 22:17:18 -0400
"Louis Desjardins" <louis.desjardins at gmail.com> wrote:

> Really, it's a good idea to cut this in pieces. You'll always be able to
> send PDFs by the page to your printer (human or machine).

The issue with that is that the text  part of the paper is all one continuous
flow from start to finish (several thousand short lines of text one right
after the other), and by cutting the paper into two pieces you never can be
absolutely sure where the end of the page 20 text will actually be.

With a single 40-page text flow, you can drop it in and see where it ends on
page 40 and put in as many fillers as are required here and there throughout the
paper to fill in the last column to the bottom.  With two sections, you can't
do that directly.  If you're over on page 20 then you have to add the extra
text manually to the text that flows starting on page 21.  If you're short on
page 20 you have to add fillers to bring it to the column end.  Then of course
Murphy's Law says that your flow from pages 21 to 40 will be over and you have
to start moving text back onto page 20 somehow, which you can't just do
directly.  And so on.

Cutting it in half makes a certain amount of sense from one point of view, but
I can see where it would add an extra headache to the workflow, too.

This is a publication that prints classified ads.  Think of a single continuous
flow of classified ads in your paper, starting from Classification 1 up to the
end of Classification whatever.  This week there might be more farm machinery,
next week there might be more houses for rent.  So you never really know where
each classification category will end and you can't accurately predict that you
should cut it off at the end of Classification 20 this week for the first half.

I think it's something that we will just have to live with.  We will just have
to decide which will be less painful:  the wait, or cutting it in half.

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