[Scribus] Color problem w/ 1.3.4

Matt Gushee matt
Fri Oct 12 19:55:43 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I am working on a document in Scribus 1.3.4, and am having trouble 
getting one color to come out right.

I have a background image that is almost entirely black and white (with 
just a little grey due to antialiasing)--it's an abstract pattern based 
on a photo of tree branches. Anyway, I have overlaid the image with two 
colored rectangles--one is blue, the other is yellow (specifically, it 
is Gold1 from the standard Scribus palette--CMYK=0, 0.16, 1, 0). Both 
rectangles have their fill opacity set to 100%, but I am using different 
blend modes--Darken for the blue rectangle, and Lighten for the yellow 
one. The result I am trying to achieve is black "branches" on a blue 
background, and yellow branches on white in the other.

Everything looks as it should in the normal Scribus view and in the 
print preview, but when I export to PDF (PDF 1.5, Output intended for 
printer), the yellow changes to something more like beige (it looks this 
way when I display the page in Acrobat Reader, and when I print). The 
changed color is bad enough by itself, but I also have some text in the 
same shade of yellow, which prints out correctly--i.e. the text and the 
graphic are supposed to be the same color, but they are different.

Now, I'm thinking the problem may be due to the background image being 
in RGB colorspace--indeed, I converted the image to CMYK, and I then get 
the desired colors when I view the PDF in Acroread--so I am guessing the 
printed result will also be good. However, that converted image isn't 
usable for the final product. I used the ImageMagick 'convert' program, 
and the results are rather bizarre: the image is indeed CMYK, but it 
also gets stretched and cropped in an arbitrary fashion, and black and 
white are inverted. So I'm not sure how to get a usable CMYK bitmap 
image. For image editing I mainly use GIMP 2.2, which doesn't really 
handle CMYK.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Matt Gushee
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