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Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Fri Oct 12 13:38:51 CEST 2007

scribus at bloomingpouf.com schrieb:
> The Scribus colour settings are useful to achieve this, but fail to
> allow for the designer to really see any problems in real world ways and
> look at a whole design of the fly.
> If it were possible to have print preview with suitable filtering to
> check for visual deficits activated as required, this would be a bonus
> in Scribus. It would also protect the amateur designer who is cutting
> their teeth on Scribus from falling into this trap!
Current SVN version of Scribus has a special "Preview Mode" with some
special settings for visual deficits. This "Preview Mode" can be
switched on in the Menue "View->Preview Mode". Then you can select
several types of visual deficits in a ComboBox in the Taskbar.

Franz Schmid

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