[Scribus] Color correction, Bleed, and all that Jaz

Roger hovergo
Mon Oct 8 01:52:28 CEST 2007

  a mostly unprecise project, that they have done themselves, without caring
enough about the downstream issues. It costs not much to ask questions before
entering a design process and people should always start by the end, which is
the real beginning of any printed work. Size? Colors? Bleed? Resolution? Color
space? Binding? etc. All these need to be addressed before hitting the "New
document" menu. I've said it many times on this list, it's all about communication!

Ok so now you've got my attention, I realised that I don't know anything about
the above matters and in time my b&w newsletter will have to be colour or
partially colour.
I'm thinking of trials on a colour laser printer just to get feed back from
readers, does anyone have any comments on this process?
Size? Colors? Bleed? Resolution? Color space? Binding?.
I'm pretty good at layout and design but now understand that I know zilch about
how a colour image is made and put together prior to printing.
Is there a 'laymans terms' informational on pre press / down stream issues
things and what I would have to be aware of through or with using Scribus on Linux.

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