[Scribus] Trial Catalogue

Roger hovergo
Mon Oct 8 01:34:44 CEST 2007

- the brain is
>> perceptually drawn to red, and there are parts of the brain that get 
>> quite excited with horizontal or vertical lines, especially in rows. 

> All in all I'd say the design is ok for a catalog. I've definitely seen
> worse. The good thing about catalogs is that people read them anyway. Maybe
> digging for information appeals to our hunter-and-gathering instincts. :-)

I hope you dont mind me chipping in here.
I found the red background of the part numbers overwhelming making them 
difficult for me to read and distracted me from the colour images of the parts 
being promoted.
Part numbers  - unless I want a particular item, that information has last 
resort relevance, no need for highlighting.
Maybe if they were removed the red lines would become  highlight separators.

The images are the most important thing on the page, these draw the eye because 
the customer has a preconceived idea of what he is looking for and needs concept 
reinforcement from the image, all the other info is basically 'how to get one or 
more - as quickly as possible' ---  customer need.

I would have placed the Description and Part Number fields closer together 
leaving more white space between the Description field and the image and made 
the lines 0.5 point thick.

On an off topic course now, most web pages are very, very badly designed. they 
have little or no idea of how the seeker wants to obtain information.


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