[Scribus] I can't use my numerical fields (?)

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Oct 4 23:26:16 CEST 2007

Aasmund Kvamme wrote:
> I'm talking about those little boxes or fields where I can enter 
> numerical information about font size, tabulator places, linespacing 
> etc.etc.
> Whenever I try to enter a value in a field (such as font-size, or 
> tabulator placement, or anything!) the value sets itself to either 0.0 
> or 1.0, and refuses to change. This happens wether I try to write a 
> number directly in the field, or use those small triangles for 
> adjusting the value up or down. When I save this change it stays 
> changed when I open the document, and continues to refuse to change.
> BUT if I can change the value by clicking and dragging (as I ca with 
> the tab stops) I can change as much as I like. So it seems that it is 
> the changes made in the numerical fields that is the problem.
> I'm working (or rather, trying to work) on Fedora 7, with Scribus 
> <>.
> Does  anybody recognize this problem?
It sounds like the Ubuntu bug, but my F7/ doesn't have that 
problem. Where did you get your Scribus?
I just did a 'yum install scribus' to get mine.


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