[Scribus] SVN Trunk is now buildable with cmake on win32

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Oct 4 18:51:50 CEST 2007

Hi folks

There have been repeated questions here about how to build Scribus for
Windows, and we've never been able to give a particularly satisfactory
answer because it's involved a non-public version of Qt, some hand-built
Visual Studio projects and a bit of fiddling.

Thanks to Jean Ghali's great work on the win32 port, TrollTech's recent
decision to support Qt/Win Open Source with Visual Studio, and some
recent enhancements to the CMake build system used in Scribus, it's now
much easier to build Scribus for Windows. You can do a build using only
the main svn trunk source distribution and unmodified library sources.
Cairo is still rather tricky, but Arthur works out of the box and with a
canned Cairo library cairo is similarly simple to use with Scribus.

This support is only in svn trunk. It will never be backported to
1.3.3.x or 1.3.4 because these versions do not use Qt 4 and there is no
stable public version of Qt 3 for Windows. As such, it's not much good
for building a copy of Scribus that you'll want to use for real work
just yet. On the other hand, if you want to get into Scribus development
and contribute but you're only used to working on Windows with Visual
Studio or your interest is in improving win32 specific functionality, it
might be an opportunity to get involved.

To get started, you'll need to check out scribus svn trunk (see
www.scribus.net) and read BUILDING_win32.txt . These instructions are
... rough ... but should cover the basics if you're used to working on
Windows. They will be improved.

If you decide to give it a go and have problems, consider dropping in on
IRC or asking for help here. Just remember to include FULL ERROR
MESSAGES, commands run, Visual Studio version, etc if you do ask for help.

Craig Ringer

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