[Scribus] Need to create a brochure quick!

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Thu Oct 4 14:33:13 CEST 2007


Well.. i risk to say that, if your design aims to be single and 
independent pages, you can create the layout with the individual page's 
size, export it to pdf (with 6 pages) and impose it in EasyPose

So you choose if you need z-fold, u-fold, so you dont have to worry 
about the order of the pages for that...

I'm creating some options of page ordering on EasyPose, so the user can 
use the 2fold, 3fold in Scribus.


Louis Desjardins escreveu:
> 2007/10/4, Philipp Klaus Krause <pkk at spth.de>:
>> Damien Hull schrieb:
>>>     * 3 folds
>>>           o Saw this as an option when I started Scribus
>> Don't use this option, it's mostly useless since until Scribus gets an
>> imposition feature! Instead create a plain layout using one scribus page
>> per page on the paper. You can use helper lines to separate the logical
>> pages.
> Hi Damien,
> Philipp advise is the way to go.
> I would only add that in order to figure out what your fold lines are and
> the margins you should respect if you don't want text to be too close to a
> fold (or span on a fold), simply take a physical sheet of paper, fold it as
> you intend and from the unfolded sheet, write down the measurements.
> Also, identify with numbers or letters on your physical dummy each panel so
> you don't get mixed-up with which is which when you're back into Scribus.
> Remember you won't see how the pamphlet folds on the screen! Depending if
> you use a Z-fold or a U-fold, your front and back panel won't be the same.
> Plus, the size of each panel will not be identical. In a U-fold, the panel
> that folds towards the interior is a bit smaller than the other two. Fold
> the sheet and you'll find out easily.
> Last, don't bother with fold marks. Better give your printer a printed and
> folded dummy, preferably stapled so nobody plays with it and unfolds it
> inadvertently.
> Louis
> Philipp
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