[Scribus] EasyPose's AutoCover screen

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Tue Oct 2 18:34:42 CEST 2007

> Nice!
> We are missing crop and fold marks and bleed (plus other printer's mark such
> as color bars but I guess this is normal here).
Oh, sure, since easypose does this for pdf output it will do for the sla 
file to be edited this way

> I wonder about the crease mention... How will this show on the press sheet?
> Do we need this info in the file? I'd say yes if we want to use the proof to
> bear all production notes. But it is most likely that printers won't want
> this info on the plates. They'll want just what is needed to print and
> control the colors on press. Plus, the paper size they will use might not be
> large enough to hold more info than the minimum. Depends actually on each
> case.
crop and crease marks are very small, something like 3mm 0.2pt 
thickness, this is the settings easypose uses. for the plate there is 
always the space for control marks, like color bars, so, I think it will 
be no problem...
> Covers are often printed 2 ups (or more depending on size and run) on a
> Cover stock. Would be nice to have this option nearby!
hm... after exporting the cover to pdf, you can create your 2, 4, n up 
in Easypose ^_^v
> I have difficuly understanding how this will work. The layout has to be done
> in the editing tool, no? Can you explain how you see that? What is the
> dialog below for exactly? Image frame... Text frame... But we don't edit
> there, right?
Yes, it is aimed to create a .sla (or svg, I'm deciding) file to be 
edited on Scribus, (or inkscape)  since is has all the tools for DTP. 
EasyPose is just acting as a scripting tool for scribus to use the cover 
> Side note for Hard covers : we need lots of extra paper around the cover
> that will fold and be glued on the inside cover. It could be up to 2 inches
> of extra material. In that case of course the cover would be printed on a
> Text stock, not a Cover stock.
Ah, I was thinking just that right now! Yesterday I learned how to make 
a Hard Cover by hand, it was great to understand what an automated 
layout should do...

The good thing is, we start from the sizes of the internal pages, 
determinate the number of pages the publication has, and, with 
informations  like paper thickness, we are able to calculate the cover, 
depending the options it has, that's the Idea of the auto-cover.

But I have a doubt, is it used Diecutting for cover creation? Cause 
easypose could export DXF, PS or CFF2 for Diemaking, wich I have more 
experience than DTP ^_^

> Very nice so far!
> Cheers!
> Louis
Tks Louis!
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