[Scribus] EasyPose Extra-Features

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Tue Oct 2 09:59:27 CEST 2007

> I thought...what if easypose could do that?

Should be no problem for you to print any kind of picture, right? The
sum of the stripes should be the total height of the picture.

What I don't understand: How do you manage to print exactly up to the
trimming edge? After all, you print first, then trim. The painter will
apply the image to the trimmed pages, you will have to do it first.

The only way to do it is with super exact print marks (quite easy) and
super exact binding (next to impossible, I guess). So when you trim,
print marks will be of no use. Usually, there is a 3-5 mm margin
tolerance for trimming. This is really much!

You would have to print in access which will give you no control to the
final appearance. The whole discussion isn't restricted to paintings
but applies to text as well, although it won't matter that much.


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