[Scribus] EasyPose Extra-Features

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Mon Oct 1 23:29:40 CEST 2007

On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:24:28 -0300
Celso Junior <celsojr2007 at yahoo.com.br> dijo:

> Althought EasyPose has a long way to go before it starts to be called 
> professional (for real), I am putting some new features that might be 
> usefull for someone, someday ^_^.
> Here is some of 'em:
> Automatic Cover for Books

I've been noting the posts on EasyPose, but have ignored it, since I have little experience compiling from source. However, book covers are things I need to do frequently, so now I'm really interested. I'm using Scribus on Feisty amd64.

However, I have a couple problems:

1) The download for EasyPose doesn't seem to work. The Save button in my browser is grayed out:


2) I note from the above page that I need gambas, Ghostscript, ImageMagick and pdflatex. I can install gambas with Synaptic, Ghostscript is already installed, as is ImageMagick, but I can't find pdflatex. Where can I get pdflatex?

3) Once I get the EasyPose source file downloaded, can someone tell a newbie how to go about compiling it?

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