[Scribus] Book cover in Document layout

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Mon Oct 1 20:42:23 CEST 2007


Great, Louis!
The Idea behing auto cover in EasyPose is to create a .sla file, following
the settings of the pages, and inserting (or not) elements like image 
frames, text frames for title, author, it would work more like a script 
plugin, so the user can edit it inside scribus and do whatever he wants 
to... so the .sla file goes with  color charts, trim and fold marks, and 
so ^_^

That was the idea, But it would be just an option, Scribus could manage 
it it self I think... what could be good too... ^_^v

Louis Desjardins escreveu:
> Hi list,
> The recent post from Celso Junior on automated spine in "EasyPose", gave 
> me an idea.
> Wouldn't it be a nice feature to have at creative level as well? I mean, 
> within Scribus. More often than not there is some graphic involved on 
> that part of the cover, such as the book title, author, collection, 
> publisher's logo and so on. This always has to be done by hand afaik.
> It would be nice to have this done with input values like with text 
> frames that you can change at will. I would see it in the proposed 
> Document layout in the "New document" dialog: "Book cover". Would be 
> nice if it was as simple as modifying the size of a frame but this would 
> apply to a smaller (narrower) page in a 3-page document (in the order, 
> from left to right, back cover, spine, front cover). Then, if any of the 
> 2 input values change, the spine automatically changes too. If there are 
> already some elements there, Scribus could tell the user that there was 
> a change that requires attention. The program could offer such option as 
> center automatically all elements in the new spine width (if it's 
> larger) or shrink them to fit the new width. As I see it, one could also 
> skip the 2 fields with a check box and enter a width value, depending 
> upon the info available. And automated behavior could also be skipped to 
> let users do just what they want.
> BTW, the 3-fold option could be given those extra fields. And if we go 
> further, we could simply give all elements the possibility to be of 
> different width, taking then care of the issue with folding. Not all 
> panels of a pamphlet are necessarily equal.
> How does that sound?
> Louis

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