[Scribus] Page Layout

Roger hovergo
Mon Oct 1 10:57:28 CEST 2007

As a newbie to Scribus I am having trouble
> understanding the document
> layout options for a new document.  If I choose a
> 3-fold layout it looks
> to me to be the same as single page layout.  Not
> what I was expecting.
> Can someone tell what I'm doing wrong?
> 	Iain

Iain Welcome to Scribus.

Page Layout seems to place additional  pages as 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 across the
Scribus window, the number is determined by the number of folds you want . It's
more of a conceptual thing than a reality.
In reality if you fold a sheet each panel is smaller but Scribus does not
display it smaller, rather as a full size sheet.
  The 2,3,4 fold is to some extent misnamed, Think of it as Number of Sheets Across.

You can see a better representation of this if you zoom out to 20 percent. Zoom
is at the bottom left of the window or roll the mouse wheel and add, pages using
the <Page><Insert More Pages> menu.

If you use single page layout you get 1 page then below it another and so on.
2 fold gives the first page then additional pages display as 2 across by however
many additional pages down
Same for 3 and 4 fold

I routinely use 4 fold to display 4 x A4 sheets across the screen which for me
typifies an A3 sheet  displaying the front and back at the same time.
You can use page setup to separate the sheets if you need so that they dont
display as one single sheet across the page.

On this subject a nice enahasement would be if I could keep 2 sheets together as
one would have if it was a real A3 sheet and have a small separation gap between
these and the next 2 sheets displayed together as one.

Hope this helps

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