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Fritz Eichelhardt f.eichelhardt
Tue Nov 27 07:38:16 CET 2007


i produce 2 small local news-papers, each one with 2 (different) others, who 
are from almost computer-illiterates to fairly good introduced in working 
with word/oo.

(the papers are 2 dina5 pages printed on dina4 - double-sided, so it's 
4 x dina5. i mention that, because earlier there was a question about that 
format. i'm willing to send that layout to any interested person - call me!)

i didn't try to convince anybody to use any other program.
instead, i collect the articles and pictures and do the scribus-job.

then the others get a pdf to have a look at.

if changes are needed, i ask for new versions or do the changes myself.

in that way, we do the job within 1 week.

what's more important: 
thank's a lot for marvellous scribus.
i pity very much, that i'm to stupid and to poor to contribute.

Mit freundlichen Gr??en

Fritz Eichelhardt
Br?ckenstr. 1
53545 Linz
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