[Scribus] Setting line spaces in text editor.

Roger hovergo
Tue Nov 27 03:24:45 CET 2007

Is it just me or is there no way to adjust line spacing in the text editing
window (other than setting or using a style with a specified line spacing)?

You can set all the line spaces in the <Properties> <Text>dialog -or-

In the  Story (Text) Editor, I add a single space on each line between sentences
and paragraphs then select and highlight that space and alter the font size. It
works 'fairly ok' as a stop gap measure but its not great..

Also you can insert empty text boxes with no borders in <Properties><Shape> use
<Text flows Around Frame> to move text.
I do this frequently when using 2 or 3 columns of text to force and finely tune
alignments in successive columns. I use  <Properties> <x,y,z> to accurately set
the dimensions and position of the empty text box.
Be aware that the pdf exporter complains about empty boxes but they can be
safely ignored or you could place a couple of spaces in them.
Empty Text boxes have been a frequent life saver for me.

I have a niggling question
Why  <export> to pdf, why doesn't Scribus simply <save as> pdf or <save as> svg,
or jpg, what ever.
Exporting could be an internal matter, it's not particularly relevant to the
user who just wants a usable end result.

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