[Scribus] qt3 causing strange problems ?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Nov 22 20:14:29 CET 2007

Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having lots of problems that I've never seen before. I'm using 
> Ubuntu Gutsy with Scribus from Malex's repos.
> The problems I'm getting are :-
>     * Lots of random crashes
>     * when I edit text using the Story Editor, I get different
>       characters than the ones I type in. This is really annoying !!
>     * you can't delete blank lines in the Story Editor
>     * Text styles sometimes go weird using the above.
>     * The text you see when the app starts ie 'checking fonts' etc, is
>       much smaller than it used to be.
> I think this might be related to when I recently installed qt4-config to 
> try and get the menu and layout sizes bigger (they had gone to a 9pt 
> size rather than the usual 12pt size). Then I installed qt3-config 
> realising this was the correct one.
> I've tried deleting the .scribus folder and re-installing scribus, and 
> also purging and reinstalling the qtconfig too, but all seems but the 
> same as before. I also have scribus-ng installed if that makes any 
> difference, but mainly use for work.
> I hope someone can help as its really driving me mad !
I guess you might start out checking to see if something happened to 
your keyboard configuration. Hard to believe Scribus would do this, or 
even qt-whatever.


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