[Scribus] Import eps-files without convertion to RGB or CMYK

Gerhard Süß-Jung suess-jung
Tue Nov 20 22:06:40 CET 2007

Dear Scribus friends,

I am new in using scribus and have discussed my problem with other scribus 
users who are working with it since years. But no one could help.

I want to print a broschure at a printing company only using two colors: 
black/white and green (HKS53). 
Text in green and black is ok. As well color gradient from green to white 
has been exportet correctly.
The problem is that I want to use a picture (logo) in eps format - that has 
been designed with adobe illustrator using black/white and green (HKS53). 
While importing or loading the file scribus is converting it to RGB colors. 
In the exported pdf-file the logo then is still in RGB or CMYK.

I am using scribus in windows and linux.
I use a icc-profile from the printing company called 'ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc'
I want to export in pdf/X-3 format if possible

What have to be done that the eps-file is not touched by scribus?
Which settings have to be made for an export in only two colors?

Thanks in advance for helpful hints,


Gerhard S??-Jung
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50823 K?ln
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