[Scribus] Colour questions

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Nov 17 22:54:23 CET 2007

Am Samstag, 17. November 2007 21:38:22 schrieb Olivier BERTEN:
> * What's the point in the possibility to select the "registration"
> option for any colour? Registration is registration, or am I wrong?

You're right. AFAICT, it will be removed.

> * Which free software can use spot colours? Are there any outside
> Scribus and ConTeXt?

Anything working with TeX.

> * Legal question: you don't have to agree with any license, no license
> is shown when you download a trial version of QuarkXPress. Quark tells
> you to use "utilities such as Winzip" in order to decompress the file
> you've downloaded

You better ask a lawyer if you want legal advice ;)

> <http://euro.quark.com/en/service/desktop/downloads/help/compression.html>
>     1. Is there anything preventing you to open the Data1.cab file with
> the same utility?

I bet different courts will reach different conclusions. Technically, nothing 
prevents you from opening a cab file.

>     2. If not, is there anything preventing you to use the qcl files
> contained in that cab file with another software? Given that these files
> are in the iso format CGATS1.7 which is a exchange format... so it's
> meant to be open by others, isn't it?

Difficult question. It's Quark's IP, and without their permission you are not 
permitted to do anything with it. OTOH, if you do it only on your own 
machine, who would know?



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