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mrdocs at scribus.info mrdocs
Sat Nov 17 14:23:32 CET 2007

Roger, in Bangkok wrote:
> Hi Lazlo--
> Simplicity is not an issue, for me anyway.  Haven't seen any mention yet of
> a "chat" for support ... doubt that would be very useful in a global
> community dealing with what appears to be some very quirky support issues.

If we equate chat with IRC, which is live then please see this:


All the developers spend some time there and a few of us have our IRC
clients running 7/24.

IRC is a very important support option, especially for those who need
immediate help. Moreover, it is a quick and efficient way for the
development team to work together, as well as having one to one
disucssion with users.

Our IRC channel is fun and friendly... flaming is not really tolerated
at all.


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