[Scribus] Applying Styles

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Nov 16 03:15:44 CET 2007

jwminer at accessvt.com wrote:
> The current discussion about applying styles seems an opportune time
> to bring up something that has always bothered me about Scribus. I
> don't like the "text" option in the Properties window.
> I think a DTP application should be based on frames and styles. If
> you want body text, make a body text style. If you want headings,
> make a heading style, a subhead style, whatever you need. If you
> want a hanging indent, make a style for it. DON'T select text and
> apply formatting that way. Styles permit easy global changes and
> consistency of text elements throughout a document.
> What's the point of having a text tab for a text box? Why not just
> apply a paragraph style? I think having a text tab encourages bad
> working habits, especially in new users who come from a word
> processor.
Sometimes I'm doing something stupidly simple in Scribus. I don't need a 
style. I just make a text frame, enter text then fiddle in the main 
window to get what I want from the Text tab. Not everything I do in 
Scribus needs all the features.


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