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Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Nov 15 13:46:04 CET 2007

Mario Colombo wrote:
> Hello there
> I just gave Scribus 1.3.4 a try and noticed that Scribus couldn't
> handle my *.sla files anymore once opened by Scribus 1.3.4. I didn't even
> save them. Just opening sla-files renders them unreadable to Scribus
> Is there a way to reverse whatever Scribus 1.3.4 did to my files? I'd like
> to work with but it refuses to open those files.
unfortunately, no.
This is why we suggest people not use 1.3.4+ unless they understand 
these and other issues.

If you do something in which you later want to experiment with 
in 1.3.4+, use a copy of your file.


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