[Scribus] importing eps files converts to tif and storing on local harddrive not path

Carl Moller cmoller
Wed Nov 14 22:15:16 CET 2007

For some odd reason, when I import an EPS file with Scribus, 
(EPS file can either be exported as an image or a hybrid type EPS 
drawing- that is raster with vector data), the raster portion of the 
file gets converted to many .tif files which live under the following 
C:/Documents and Settings/

This is extremely undesirable. Why would not it import and use the EPS 
file as a link directly? This becomes very memory intensive when the EPS 
file gets split into many .tif files who need to be dealt with. 
Furthermore, sharing the files becomes very annoying as up to 20 tiff 
files per EPS import and each are about 10 MB.
Am I doing something wrong?
It is bad enough that importing the EPS file directly in the same path 
as the .sla file causes this behaviour. But should it really be this way?

Thanks for your input.

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