Henning Schröder henning.schroeder
Wed Nov 14 22:17:49 CET 2007

2007/11/14, Petr Vanek <petr at scribus.info>:
> > Additionally if we start writing the C++ api now, we could switch later
> > to Kross and could still use this api.
> That's the greatest one. Let's focus on the scripting "API" now. You know,
> I'd like to have some logical "object-related" structure for it. Something
> like e.g.:
> scribus.Document().pages[0].items[0].text()
I had similar thoughts. Instead of methods we can use the properties
in Python directly:
This will call the get- and set-methods automatically.
Perhaps we should design an API which is similar to the API used in KOffice.

> but it should be designed very carefully. Your description below explains
> implementation clearly.
The example was a little bit incomplete because it did not contain the
full class declaration. The methods have to be declared as slots,
which creates the Qt metadata for introspection. Using the macro
Q_INVOKABLE might also work (currently not tested).

I have created a wiki page:


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