[Scribus] Fwd: import scalable... anything... into Scribus ?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Nov 14 14:47:39 CET 2007

stu seven wrote:
> +    I know, in principle, Scribus allows SVGs to be imported...
> for me, this seems to work only with very small SVGs.
>     Scribus also seems to optimize it's PDF output... which
> should be good... except that, when I put a PDF-d image in
> the scribus document, it ruins it... re-optimizes it... sort of
> like drinking your soda twice(?).
If you go to the Archives of this list, there was some discussion 
recently about optimizing placed PDFs in Scribus -- output DPI is important.
>     So here is my question... is anyone having success
> including SVGs, or, other scalable format files in scribus
> documents ?
SVG works very well -- some exceptions being some issues sometimes with 
gradients and patterns. Not everything in SVG is (yet) supported. You 
simply need to resize any large ones in Scribus -- should come out Ok.
> note:  Ive had fairly good results with plain bmp or jpeg graphics...
> however, this falls apart when the resulting PDF is enlarged at all.
The recommended formats are tiff and png for bitmaps -- they need to be 
big enough to be able to generate the DPI you need for the PDF -- 
Scribus can't create pixels  that aren't there.
Look at Properties > Image > X-DPI, Y-DPI, also export settings when you 
make the PDF.


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