[Scribus] Creating & Printing a Booklet A4 to A5

Xavier Colmant xavier.colmant
Fri Nov 9 10:51:32 CET 2007

2007/11/9, Steve Sidney <steves at nla.org.za>:
> Greg
> Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
> But!!!!!!!!!! As they say
> Seems very complicated in terms runing the command line interpreter from
> within Scribus.

You don't run it within Scribus. You run it from the 'Command prompt'.
In the start menu you should have something like 'Execute' (I'm not
sure 'cause I use a French version of Windoze. Type: cmd. And you'll
get the command line interpreter running.

Try to find a tutorial on MS/DOS on the Web to learn how to create
'batch files' : It will allow you to automate your job.



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