[Scribus] Creating & Printing a Booklet A4 to A5

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Nov 9 02:10:42 CET 2007

Steve Sidney wrote:
> Hi 
> I am using Scribus Ver Windows XP and wish to create a small 4 Page
> Booklet A4 to A5
> After reading the How To article on the Wiki I am a little confused.
> 1) Downloaded the 'psutils' programs but cannot see how they should be
> installed. Not a Scribus problem but since its recommended, it's a little
> confusing
> 2) KDE only seems to work for the Linux environment.
> Can someone help. I am probably missing something that's obvious.
> Is there a simpler way to get the Imposition and subsquent printing done in
> a simpler fashion.
as they say, Google is your friend -- the second item on googling 
psutils is psutils on Windows.


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