[Scribus] Printing to file

Gregor list
Thu Nov 8 23:36:34 CET 2007

avox pravi:
> Gregor-14 wrote:
>> I tried to print to file (ps)
>> Everithing worked fine and the preview was showing the page as it shold
>> be.
>> However, when I opened the file with ghostscript (8.60) the file was 
>> cliped to an a4 page. (Later I installed GSView and it showed exactly 
>> the same).
>> On the print dialog box I could not find where to choose an output format.
>> Is it a bug or did I miss some configuration?
>> Same happened when converting to eps.
>> The version is running under windows Vista.
>> Any ideas?
> AFAIK you have to configure the page size in ghostscript, it does not use
> the
> pagesize specified in the file automatically.
> /Andreas

It works! thanks! :)
So the file was actually there as it should be, but the view was clipped

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