[Scribus] Ang. Re: Real life expirience with Scribus 1.3.4cvs

andreas.karlsson at ltv.se andreas.karlsson
Thu May 31 15:34:36 CEST 2007

cbradney at scribus.info @ INTERNET wrote 2007-05-31 15:21:52 :

> You should not even be considering 1.3.4 for production work. It is a
> development version.
> It is more than likely that we will not even fix any of the problems in
> 1.3.4.x but fix them and release the Qt4 ported 1.3.5 with the fixes.
> has yet to be finally decided though. 1.3.5 will also be a
> development version and until we decide otherwise,
> 1.3.3.x will remain the stable series so please use it for production
> unless you are willing to run with the issues found (and not yet found)
> 1.3.4.

Which version will be the next stable version of Scribus, and when will it
be released?

Andreas Karlsson

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