[Scribus] Preferences lost on restart

Craig Ringer craig
Thu May 31 12:05:29 CEST 2007

Femke Snelting wrote:
> Dear list,
> I noticed that in v. 1.3.4 some of the global preference settings 
> (Language, ICC profile path, Units, Bleeds, Baseline grid, Color 
> Management but for example not Font settings) are lost after restarting 
> my machine.
> The settings seem to be kept on restart of the application, but not on 
> system restart.

When you close Scribus, does it exit completely, or is there still a
`scribus' process hanging around?

You can check this with the `ps' command or using a GUI process monitor

If it closes completely, and when you open it again it remembers your
settings but they're lost on restart, I would suspect a system problem
such as file system damage.

I very strongly recommend doing some low level system verification, such
as booting your computer up into single user command line mode and
checking your file systems with the "fsck" command. Exact procedures for
checking file systems are somewhat system and distro dependent, and
unfortunately usually not very user friendly. You might also want to run
a hard disk test with the smartctl command from smartmontools, though
this isn't the most user friendly process.

Craig Ringer

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