[Scribus] Inserting long OpenOffice document hangs Scribus

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Thu May 31 01:48:39 CEST 2007

We print what is currently a 40-page paper with Scribus.  Everything from page
2 to page 40 is basically a long series of linked text frames in columns.

We create a long text file of classified ads in OpenOffice, save the file as an
.odt file, and then import that into the Scribus document.

With previous versions of Scribus, importing a similar OpenOffice document
worked fine.

Here is the message that I got from the user regarding this matter:

When we went to insert the open office file (the long file inside the
paper) it hangs up. When you go to get text, you select the file you want,
hit open, it then asks if you would like to clear all your text (even
though there is no text to clear as we already cleared it), hit yes
anyway, the regular window comes up asking if you want to change paragraph
styles etc, hit no and it just hangs, nothing gets inserted. We've tried
about 4 times now & it's always the same. The front page is ok and that
one inserted but the inside doesn't.
When we go to get text, select our file & it asks to clear text and we hit
no, it just goes back to normal page and nothing gets inserted and you can
carry on in Scribus, when it hangs up you can't do anything in Scribus &
have to force quit or soft boot.

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